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Having worked with John as a satisfied client of his in the past, he was an obvious choice to ask to be our new company Chairman.
John has helped guide, structure and discipline our business plan and growth strategy.
He is an exceptionally active chairman providing both mentoring to myself and guidance to the board on strategic direction. 
John brings a wealth of invaluable experience in board matters, company formations, start and scale up growth phases.
John combines both a pragmatic ‘make it happen approach’ with good governance and control around business plan execution and delivery monitoring.
In addition to his role as Chairman, John has brought his extensive international network to bear on UFODRIVE. Specifically, John has helped to identify and secure sources of growth capital in the form of investor funding. This has been essential to kick-start our growth and in effect Johns presence in the company has allowed UFODRIVE to fast track / short circuit key progress milestones.


Aidan McClean


We worked with John on how best to position the business for growth over the next few years, covering the following:

  • Identify the business objectives
  • Refine our product offering
  • Identify the target audience
  • Develop the USP for competitive advantage
  • Financial objectives to bring the company to the next stage
  • Advice on how to best approach Local Enterprise Board and Enterprise Ireland for support
  • Assistance in putting together a corporate business plan to drive the key objectives of the business in 2019 through to 2021

John identified that one of the company directors was underutilised within the organisation and had many clear skills that could be brought to the fore.

Having been out of the workplace for some time, the Director had not realised her skills through years of experience across many industries would be a natural fit for many of the key roles within Trrend.

John encouraged her to consider getting involved in the next phase of development of Trrend and to her credit she has come on board for 2 days a week taking on the responsibility of Business Development and Marketing.

Without John’s interjection, she might have stayed on the sidelines of the business. Her involvement has been invaluable to the organisation’s focus, energy and direction since she has made that commitment.

John was able to see the talent and encourage her to take that personal step, which has meant the management team now has much more strength in areas that are essential in the coming 24-36 months.

Niall Curran

CEO, Trinsic Software

John Collins was a Trustee of Project arts Centre for 8 years, the final 3 as Chairman. John was appointed at a time of change of the organisation, with a new Artistic Director and the beginning of the recession. 

John led the organisation nimbly through this challenging time, developing an active Board of Trustees and supporting an under-resourced executive to deliver an ambitious, world-class arts programme in Project’s home in Temple Bar and farther afield. John’s strategic brain and extraordinary network were invaluable to the organisation’s continued success.

Cian O'Brien

Artistic Director, Project Arts Centre

Johns support of Opening.io has been invaluable: trust, knowledge, networks, enthusiasm and mentorship. From hands-on strategic business development support and guidance to operations, fundraising and more, John has helped shape an idea into a real company. Johns patience, diligence and instinct translate into real actionables for growth. John is a CEO ally, having helped navigate critical situations within the growth of our company, both internal and external (from performance issues to client or investor relations). John works with people he believes in and that is truly invaluable to have while navigating the ups and downs of building a company. 

John shows up. I think this is the best way of describing the value he brings. His experience, background and desire to constantly learn, his absolute unique ability, I’d nearly call it a super power, to identify potential synergies and connect relevant people together, all of these have translated into concrete propellers for our business. John got us our first client, he was our lifeline between funding rounds and has been a friend and a cheerleader when we forgot to take a moment to celebrate our victories. 


Andreea Wade

Co-Founder and CEO, Opening.io

I have known John Collins for 10 years now. In that time, I have personally benefited directly from his experience and advice in developing and directing my own company, both strategically and tactically. I have also benefited from John’s propensity to network like mad – he willingly connects people like its a personal hobby of his to connect the world.



Keith Finglas

Managing Director, Innovation Delivery

I have a long working relationship with John that goes back several years, in a variety of circumstances. My initial engagement with John was where I was approached via a mutual contact to meet with John. At the time John served on the board of a VC-funded technology company at an early stage, exploring a new direction where they were looking to potentially bring me in as new CEO, to replace the founder. Nothing ever came if it, but I was immediately impressed with John.
John, from the get-go, was incredibly engaging. What struck me was, he is someone who has been there and done it. He had walked the path and could see through the haze that is trying to manage and grow a business, and be successful at it. He struck me as very astute and sharp of mind – he could dissect the business in terms of products, markets, business model, financials, and team and quickly critically analyze and share insight. He could see through the haze.  He is one of those rare characters, missing in so many, that while commercially driven he also has strong emotional intelligence. Though the opportunity above did not evolve to anything I found myself quickly developing a rapport with John – there was an immediate trust and respect.
Prior to that initial engagement I already established my own services business.  I set-up, own and manage a services company with a great product and a tremendous portfolio of clients. We are trying to evolve the business to a recurring revenue model for our services and also to develop and launch a SaaS solution.
We continued to stay in touch over the years. As a business owner I am trying to navigate the challenge of the day to day, trying to shift the model to recurring revenue while developing something new…and self funding it. It has been a challenge to keep all the plates spinning and move forward, or prevent us going backward.
John has been a mentor to me, a touchstone, and a sharp, critical guide to me and Clearview. He engaged to take the pulse of the company. A few of his findings and recommendations highlighted the need to focus on the core offering, tackle pricing, be more client discriminating, free up cost to create capacity, set the CEO free to do what I do best. All with a view towards creating value in the company.
John input resonates with me all of the time. He is my business conscience.
John is and would be an invaluable asset to any company seeking to grow and create value in their business.


David Coffey

CEO, Clearview Group

TEKenable is on a significant growth trajectory and John is one of the key influencers in helping us develop our growth strategy and objectives. Johns experience in building his own business but also his engagement with other businesses brings the experience and perspective needed to address and target key growth objectives.

John completed a review of our business and identified areas that needed addressing which would hamper our growth. We acted on this feedback and as a result, greatly improved some of the critical areas of the business that were holding us back.

Nick Connors

Director, TEKenable

John came on board at an early stage in the development of UnifyOrdering. From the outset John was able to understand the nature of our business and create a strategy for growth, and then had a great network of contacts to help ensure success. I would highly recommend John’s services to companies starting out, his experience at this point, was invaluable in helping us to avoid many pitfalls and also to understand the areas that we should be focusing our time and energy on.

Barry McNerney

Operations Director, UnifyOrdering

John has been advising the Singlepoint management team for over 4 years now.  What started as some pointed advisory queries quickly developed into him taking on a more formal Non-Exec Director role within the company. In that period he has helped the management team in the setting out of our strategic direction and the establishment of robust operational structures.   Initially, it was difficult to see the immediate returns around the restructuring but it is now obvious the recommendations delivered huge value to the business.  During this time John has always been on hand to support the management team across both Strategic and Operational advice but more importantly, he has been and continues to be a Mentor to each of the management team members.  Without him, success may have come to us but we are all agreed it would have come to us quite a bit slower. 

Rob Curley

Managing Director, Singlepoint

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