Our Services 

What We Do

We work with technology-enabled solutions providers who deliver business advantage to their clients, through their services and products.  We help these companies to grow their value:

Tactically – Improving Revenues & Profitability.

Strategically – Nurturing the Tangible & Intangible Assets.

While company valuation will declare worth in quantitative terms (number), value must also be evident through culture, replicability, stakeholder loyalty and other qualitative measures.  We specifically work on the alignment of short-term and longer-term goals to underwrite that value development. 

Leveraging our proprietary methodology, software and analytical capability and conceptional innovation approach, we help guide and shape even the unlikeliest firms to build real business advantage and secure premium valuations.

Our 4 Function Model Approach

Our approach is marketing-led with an underlying operational structure for delivery

Client Management

Sales & Marketing – How you tell the story of your solution, how your solution is sold, identifying your market. 

Delivery Management

How do you handle client on-boarding and implementation, and how do you support their use and increase their loyalty to your propositions. 

Practice Development

How your proprietary difference (Intellectual Property) is planned, architected, developed, protected, integrated – your distinctiveness is sustained here. 

Support Management

The organisational services that support the other functions, Finance & People management being the most prominent.

What We Can Do For You



Executive Mentoring

Bringing experience, professional network, methodology and tools to make leadership easier.



Strengthen Your Board

Bringing the disciplines & strategic independence to strengthen your corporate planning. Our qualified and experienced Chartered Directors are also available for Board Roles.



Exit Strategy

Identifying the gaps that need to be addressed to prepare for value realisation through sale.  


Preparing for Investment

Anticipating the investor perspective, we help you manage the required tasks to maximise attractiveness and appeal for your company.


Management Bandwidth

Providing capability and capacity so your organisation can achieve key performance goals. 



Corporate Development

Our Advisory Service allows your organisation hire our team of experts for advisory services on a per project basis.



Strategic Framework

Providing a framework to benchmark and improve your strategic outcomes.


Cultural Audit

  Assessing and analysing team motivation and alignment with company performance.